Requesting Support


Post Office Box 842

Spring Hope, North Carolina 27882


July 2023



Dear Members, Classmates and Friends,


Labor Day Weekend is quickly approaching and Spaulding Alumnus and friends will be celebrating 49 years of “Keeping the Spaulding Spirit Alive.” We will come together to celebrate our commitment to education, ourschool, and the community.  We are grateful for your support in helping to make these 49 years possible.


Please fill out the enclosed membership form and submit it with your $75.00 membership dues to C.C.Spaulding Alumni Association, Inc., PO Box 842, Spring Hope, NC 27882.  In addition to becoming a member, we hope that you are led to become a member of one of the special clubs (refer to form), so the CC Spaulding Alumni Association, Inc. can be more effective in “Keeping the Spaulding Spirit Alive.”


As you are aware, the CCSAA Constitution mandates that we elect/re-elect ALL executive officers and three of the Board of Directors each year.  If you are a 2022-2023 member of the C.C. Spaulding Alumni Association, Inc. (refer to members list) and desire to be a candidate for one of these positions, please submit your name and desired position to Beverly Hawkins (252-478-3376) or email( by August 15, 2023.  Subject for E-Mail:  Spaulding Election. The election will be held on Friday at 4 PM during the General Assembly of Members. Only 2022-2023 members can vote.  


Our plans for the 2023 reunion are as follows:  Friday evening at 4:00 PM, General Assembly meeting and election of officers, Fish fry at 6:00 PM; Saturday morning 10:00 AM, decorate the gym, Banquet and Dance at 5:00 PM; Sunday, Day in the Park at 3:00 PM.  All activities will be held at the Spaulding Resource Center Campus or the Teachers’ Home grounds.



Again, thank you for your support of the Association; for you are the wind beneath our wings. Should you have questions, you may contact one of the Tigers listed on the enclosed sheet.


Bernard E. Howard, President


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