Little Miss Spaulding


Little Miss Spaulding 2015-16 Crowning And Future Little Miss Spaulding 

Spring Hope Enterprise writeup.

Thu, Oct 29, 2015

Daviona Richardson was crowned as Little Miss C.C Spaulding on Saturday and Rayven Sandford was recognized as a future Little Miss C.C. Spaulding contestant. The Little Miss contest is a fundraising event for the C.C. Spaulding Alumni Association and is held at the Association headquarters, the former C.C. Spaulding School teachers’ residence. (Enterprise photo by Burnette.)


Little Miss Spaulding__________________Miss Daviona Richardson

           Parents_______________________Dorothy Johnson & Larry David Richardson

Future Little Miss Spaulding Contestant___Miss Rayven R. Sanford

            Parents_______________________Stacey R. Walker Sanford & Muray D. Sanford